We offer a variety of services to fit your personal needs. Not every home is the same, so you should only pay for what you need. Besides our packages, we offer "a la carte" services as requested.

Standard Full Home Inspection

1500 sqft and under - $300
1501 to 2500 sqft - $325
2501 to 3500 sqft - $350
3500 sqft and over - $400

All standard inspections follow the FABI Standards of Practice. A detailed report with a concluding summary will be provided with pictures to accompany findings. Whether or not the homeowner is present for the inspection, we will be available for any follow-up calls with questions or clarifications that may be needed.

See Stadards of Practice tab for full inspection breakdown.

4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection may be required by insurance company to provide coverage on a home that is older than 20 years. It allows the insurance company to get a better idea of the condition of the:

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

If any of the above have been updated, it decreases the potential future repair/replacement costs and is factored into the insurance policy.

Wind Mitigation

(discounted to $69 if purchased with a 4 Point Inspection)

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has mandated that Florida homeowners are entitled to certain discounts on the wind portion of their property insurance policy. In order to receive the discounts, homes must have the home inspected by a qualified inspector who will prepare a report.

Items that are inspected:
Roof Shape
Roof Covering
Roof Deck Installation Methods
Roof to Wall Attachments
Doors and Windows

A La Carte Services

Pool/Spa - $35-75
-includes visual inspection of pool, surrounding coping and and walkable surface and cage
-includes check of associated plumbing and electric

Outdoor Kitchen - $25
Detached Building - $99 - up to 1000 sqft
Homes built before 1960 - $50
Return to Inspect Repairs - $99
New Construction Pre 1 Year Walkthrough - $300

Seller Home Inspection

Many times inspection items are negotiated prior to closing and can cost the seller more in negotiating than addressing items prior to inspection.

Take $50 off the Standard Inspection Table if also purchasing the Return to Inspect at the time of booking.

Condos (Exterior Maintaned by Others)

(Exterior Maintaned by Others)

Includes Garage (if applicable)

1000 sqft and under - $200
1001 to 2000 sqft - $240
2001 to 2500 sqft - $280
2500 sqft and over - $290

Concierge Services

(price varies by location and number of units to inspect)

Many rental unit owners do not live in the area of their unit. Prior to a new tenant coming in for the season, we offer a package to inspect the electric, plumbing, HVAC and appliances to make sure everything is in working order.

If you do not live at your Florida home full-time we offer a package to periodically visit the home to make sure that all systems are working properly. If there are any issues, we work with the owner to help schedule and follow through with appropriate repairs.